Vote Below the Line on November 29!

Cast the vote you choose, not the vote a political party has devised.

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Final Days to Spread the Word!

The final countdown is on!  With only two days left until November 29th, there isn’t much time left to let people know how easy it is to vote below the line.

The impact that preference deals could have if people vote above the line is all over the media, in The Guardian, ABC News, etc, so people know about it.  They just might not know how easy it is to help avoid the problem, and that is where we come in!

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Antony Green’s Voting Guides

The Grand Master of all things elections, Antony Green, has released some helpful guides about voting in the Victorian election, a guide for the Legislative Assembly (lower house) and for the Legislative Council (upper house).  As well as covering the practicalities of voting, they have great FAQ sections too.

The most frequent question I’ve been asked since starting this blog is what happens if you vote below the line and choose not to fill all the boxes and your ballot runs out of preferences.  Antony Green explains it much better than I have:

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Cheat Sheet for Voting Below the Line!

Only eight sleeps until the Victorian Election!  Thanks to everyone who has been helping to spread the word about how easy, and important, it is to vote below the line.  We mustn’t stop now!  Please keep sharing with your family and friends, keep posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, pinning on Pinterest.  It all helps spread the word, and allows more people to cast the vote they want for the Legislative Council on November 29.

Remember, you can use  to link to the blog if you’re tweeting, and this is the Imgur link for the comic

Let people know how easy it is to #votebelowtheline and cast the vote they want, not the vote a political party has devised.
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Lets Make Preference Deals Irrelevant

Preference deals mean nothing if Victorians choose to ignore how to vote cards, and choose to vote below the line.

There has been a lot of discussion about the Liberal Party’s announcing that they will be preferencing the Greens last.  You can check out the ABC’s article here:

Also a lot of discussion about Labor refusing to enter into a formal preference swap with the Greens, you can check out The Guardian’s article:

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A Little Tweeting Goes a Long Way

The blog and comic got retweeted by the fabulous Van Badham (  today!



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Get The Word Out!

With only 17 days until election day, it is vital that we get the message out!

Tweet about it!  I’ve made a tinyurl: 

Share on Facebook, and invite your friends to the Facebook event!

You Can’t Waste Your Vote!

Remember the clever Patrick Alexander’s comic style voting guide for the federal election last year?  You can find it at  Well the equally clever Thom Holland has spruced it up in time for the Victorian election, you can see his work at

Please share this with your fellow Victorians, our votes matter.  Choose to cast the vote you want in the Victorian Legislative Council this election!


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Lets make our votes count this Victorian Election!

With the Victorian election only a few weeks away it is time to cut through the spin of preference deals and choose instead to vote below the line for the Legislative Council!

For the Upper House (The Legislative Council) in Victoria, unlike in Federal elections, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO NUMBER ALL THE BOXES! You only have to number FIVE boxes IF YOU VOTE BELOW THE LINE for your vote to count in Victoria.

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